Who Loves you Baby? is a creative agency in Arkansas, designing, building and delivering amazing digital marketing products.

Why Us

Who Loves your Project

Let’s build a great project together.

We are a professional agency helping businesses of all sizes, from chain retailers to mom-and-pop shops grow online by offering result-driven marketing products that work.

We love getting to know our clients, building a relationship and diving into their goals and challenges. Working on your project means more than just delivering a product; for us, it is building a long term partnership.

Experience Matters

With years of real-world experience in sales and marketing, we have now paired our knowledge in business with the new age of digital marketing. Think people-oriented sales principles with creative cutting-edge technology.

Marketing Experts

We create marketing that works. By getting to know your business, brand or idea, we identify what matters the most to your market and deliver sound, pragmatic products focusing on return and growth.

Friendly Professionals

We love working with people. Our strategies may be modern, but our values are old-school. We believe in listening to our clients, exploring ideas together and creating lasting partnerships.

Committed to Results

Marketing only works if your business grows. We are not interested in flair and flash without substance. We are going to build something together that works.


What we can do for you

We are sales and marketing people delivering effective digital media products that will make your business grow. By understanding the latest technology, strategy and insight in online marketing, we deliver customized, elegant solutions that work.

Video Marketing

  • Video Production / Editing
  • Promotional Videos
  • Drone Aerial Videos

Web Design

  • Custom WordPress Websites
  • Mobile Friendly Conversion
  • Promotional / Conversion Sites

Social Media Marketing

  • Profile Optimization
  • Content Automatization
  • Advertisement Strategy

Search Engine Ranking

  • Organic Optimization
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Search Engine Marketing
Why Videos

Why videos work

People don’t like to read. Now that the Internet allows instantaneously fast delivery, smooth playback and ultra-fast search of video content, why not deliver your message the way people prefer.


Of marketing professionals name video as the best return on marketing investment.


Times more likely for a person to order or purchase when a video is available for a service or product.


Videos watched per day in Facebook. Double the amount of watched videos in April of last year.


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